Joe Barton’s Folly – Congress Has Nothing More Important to Do Than to Run College Football?

I honestly don’t know what the hell happens to these people when they get to Washington. That city really is a deadly disease.

Congressman Joe Barton (quasi-R – TX) apparently has so much time on his hands that he is teaming up with like-minded big-government nationalists to try to tell the American people and colleges around the nation how it must determine it’s college football national champion. Indeed, his bill has passed out of the House Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcommittee – and Barton has had “good conversations” with those bastions of limited government, Henry Waxman and Barack Obama, about moving the bill forward.

Well, thank goodness these guys are on the ball, or how would we survive? How could we possibly sort this out without the wisdom of Washington, D.C. – those great men and women who have given us the over $12 Trillion in debt, the TARP program, Katrina-relief and now want to tell you what health care you can have.

The current college football D-I national championship system has serious flaws. And good conservatives can believe it needs a playoff system – just as good conservatives can believe it does not. I don’t care to address the merits of a playoff or different system here, because that’s not the point.

The point is this: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGING MIND? SERIOUSLY? We’re at war with crazy terrorists who want to kill us… We’re fighting the biggest assault on liberty in our lifetimes with the likely Washington takeover of our healthcare system… We are bleeding money out of every pores of our collective body… and YOU idiots want to “fix” the college football playoff system?

Even worse – how can someone consider himself conservative and believe that it is the business of our national government in Washington, D.C. to determine how college football national champions are determined? You can blather on all you want about “interstate commerce” and other nonsense, but you can’t actually believe that Washington should take up this issue – ever, much less right now – and believe in a limited national government.

God help us with “conservatives” like this.