All I Want for Christmas?

It is becoming increasingly likely – indeed, possibly inevitable without either massive public outcry, a little luck, or both – that Americans will get a massive lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas this year – in the form of Washington-run healthcare.

Sure, it is possible that Democrats will fail to pull together 60 votes – getting trapped between watering down the public option enough to earn yes votes from the Independent Joe Lieberman (CT) or (supposedly) Republican Olympia Snowe (ME), and keeping the public option strong enough to maintain yes votes from admitted socialist Bernie Sanders (VT) and like-minded liberals who refuse to admit they are actually socialist, such as Sherrod Brown (OH).

But, given the pressure coming from the President, the lack of response from Senate Republicans and a building compromise among liberal and moderate Democrats to hide (but not really eliminate) the public option under a “trigger” or an “OPM-managed” plan – the Senate may well pass a bill which Speaker Pelosi could take up and pass “as is” and send to the President to sign on Christmas Eve.

All of this is even more likely for one simple reason… it is Christmas. The American people have a funny way of actually focusing on family, friends, gift-giving and – oh, I don’t know – the birth of Jesus this time of year. In other words… all the good things – which means anything but what the fools in Washington are doing.

This Christmas, however, we owe it to those generations before ours who have passed down this great Republic to us, to those brave men and women fighting to protect our freedom overseas, and most of all, to our children and the generations to come, to pay attention… and to fight this healthcare bill with everything we have.

Have you called your Senator? Have you told a friend to call his? Have you called the office of Senators Lincoln, Nelson, Landrieu, Webb or any others and told them you will contribute to their opponent in their next election if they vote for the bill?

Failure simply is not an option. If this bill becomes law, it means:

Mandatory health insurance – or face jail time;
Washington, D.C. bureaucrats have control over your healthcare and the lives of your family;
Rationing of healthcare – including doctor shortages, waiting lines, and overuse of “free” healthcare;
More expensive healthcare for everyone – especially the young and healthy;
Bankrupting the U.S. Government (to the extent it is not already);
Long term lower standards of care – in other words… less progress, fewer life-saving treatments, less life-saving medicine, less innovation…

No – what I want for Christmas is for the American people to rise up and say no to socialized medicine – and for Senate Republicans to have the courage to help them.

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