Media Matters Confuses the Constitution With the Healthcare Bill

While I hesitate to waste even a few seconds of my God-given time on this planet responding to Media Matters (you know, the “progressive” Media Matters… a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization dedicated to “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media..”), with respect to this monstrocity of a bill, I SHALL “leave everything on the field” as they say.

So, in response to my post earlier titled “Words Mean Things,” in which I list just a few of the many words in the Senate health care bill that highlight the massive amount of power given to government at the expense of freedom, Media Matters wrote this dismissal.

What is so laughable about the liberal – er, uh, I mean “progressive” school of thought is the fact it simply ignores the Constitution until it suits “progressive” purposes (such as killing babies in the name of privacy – I wonder if Media Matters will do a word search for “privacy” or “penumbra” in the Constitution – but I digress), and even when “progressives” do tacitly acknowledge its existence, they ignore the rich history of its adoption.

The Constitution was, of course, the result of significant negotiation and compromise. Whether one agrees with the federalists of the day, the anti-federalists of the day, or finds himself in between – the reality is that the Constitution was all about power. That was its purpose. It’s a CONSTITUTION. It’s purpose was, and is, to use words like shall, may and tax, and to do so in a way that would be an acceptable balance of the power it would authorize.

Now, everyone with an elementary understanding of the history of our nation’s adoption of the U.S. Constitution understands this simple concept. They also understand that the Constitution was one that limited the powers given to the central or national government – and that by so limiting that power, any legislation offered by the Congress would not be about power-grabbing, but about focused legislation constrained by the limits imposed by the Constitution.

No one who has even an ounce of respect for the Constitution would suggest that this Obama/Reid Senate healthcare bill, the Pelosi House healthcare bill, or any variation thereof, fit within the limits given the national government.

They don’t.