Senate Judiciary Committee Votes Sotomayor Out Along Party Lines... Oh, except for Lindsey Graham...

Several years ago in a Senate Judiciary Committee Mark-Up, in a very different time, Sen. Lindsey Graham made a wise-crack to his Democrat colleagues along the lines of “well, one day, when Democrats get back in power… I mean, not in my lifetime… (laughter).”

Well, it didn’t take long, Senator. Here we are. And in a moment of clarity – you remind us, yet again – of the cancer in the Republican Party that is responsible to bringing us from 55 members to 40 in a little over two years. You are a pathetic excuse for a Senator… Incapable of maintaining an ounce of principle in your decisions – and giving up the game that your motives are entirely political.

You needn’t reach any question beyond that of whether Judge Sotomayor would be an activist judge. While she (unconvincingly) tried to sound like Justice Scalia at her confirmation hearing, when the spotlight was not on her in years past, she, by her own arrogant comments, mocked the idea that Courts should not make law. Everything else is academic.

A vote for Judge Sotomayor is a vote against the Constitution and against conservatism.

Senator Graham, you have made your position crystal clear.

NOTE: It should be noted how bad Graham’s vote truly is in light of the fact two old bulls, Senators Grassley and Hatch, in particular, found it necessary to vote against the President’s nominee. Mike gamecock Devine has posted on this topic here and throughout his diary.