Jeff Sessions Deserves Better Than Cheap Shots from Politico

Just when you thought the unprecedented adoration of President Obama and the current Democrats in Congress by the “fiercely independent,” and self-promoted “fourth branch” of government known as the media could not get any worse… along comes Politico.

In what can only be described as a hit piece on a good man – Politico trots out in the opening paragraph of its “introduction piece” on Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions… GUESS what? Go ahead… GUESS… Yep, that he’s racist. Hard to believe, huh?

Let me tell you something. I know Jeff Sessions. I know his staff. I know his family. I have seen him working up close and personally. And he is a decent, honorable, good man – a man of integrity who has raised a wonderful family and devoted his life to public service. And he deserves far better than this kind of cheap shot from an irresponsible, dim-witted and second-rate news publication.

Jeff Sessions is a tireless advocate for the average American – of all colors, shapes and sizes. Unknown to many has been his efforts to narrow or eliminate the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine. Many prosecutors believe it is unnecessary and ill-based, and Senator Sessions has been an advocate for its change for a long time.

When the average American – of any color, shape and size – was not happy with the prospect of tossing out the rule of law in the context of amnesty for illegal immigrants, Senator Sessions stood firm. He was a one-man wrecking crew standing up against the Bush Administration, Ted Kennedy and John McCain when they were trying to force an amnesty bill down the throats of the American people.

Sessions will make the effort to attend Judiciary hearings and he often does the thankless work of holding up burdensome legislation that will expand government via “hotline” late at night (one of those dirty little secrets of the US Senate). He has been a tireless advocate for conservative jurists and he will do a great job working to show the American people how truly activist and troubling the Obama nominees will be (and they will be TERRIBLE – believing the Constitution to be little more than an advisory play-thing).

But, with respect to Politico, let’s look at his record (from my memory). Sessions was an Eagle Scout, growing up in small-town Alabama. After college and law school, Sessions practiced briefly, and after a short stint as an Assistant United States Attorney, was appointed by President Reagan to the post of US Attorney for the So. Dist of Alabama. In 1986, he was nominated for Federal District Judge. He was blocked by the Senate Judiciary Committee – based on, essentially, two charges: 1) that he had made an off-handed remark about the KKK once, and 2) that he once stated that the ACLU and the NAACP are (or have acted) un-American. After he was handed this set-back, Sessions didn’t whine about unfair treatment – he ran for Attorney General and won the seat of Senator Hefflin, who had voted against his nomination in committee. In 1996, he ran for U.S. Senate and won. Since then, he has been re-elected twice (most recently in 2008).

He suggests that the comment he made about the KKK (a joke about being bad because they use marijuana) was taken out of context. I take him at his word – because I actually know him, and actually know who he is. As for the second charge – again, context matters. But I can tell you one damned thing – the NAACP shoved down the throats of the American people and a totally gutless US Congress in 2006 an unconstitutional forced-gerrymandering bill under the name of re-authorizing the Voting Rights Act. We can only hope that the Supreme Court strikes parts of it down – and in my opinion, the actions of the NAACP were, in fact, un-American in that context, because the ends were political rather than promotion of civil rights. And one needn’t go any farther than the ACLU’s efforts with respect to GITMO detainees to see activity that one can legitimately argue undermines our security as a nation – and thus, could be labeled “un-American.”

In all the time I have seen Jeff Sessions in Judiciary Committee or otherwise, I have hardly seen him mention the mistreatment he received at the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is a gentleman, and he is above that sort of thing. He does his job for Alabamans and the people of the United States. And some pencil-pushing reporter who wants to pluck low-hanging fruit for the front page of a second-rate rag should not be allowed to go un-challenged. It’s an unfair attack on a good man.

God Bless you, Jeff Sessions, and Godspeed.