Notre Dame Alumni and Supporters Should Stop Payment

A number of folks have reported about the recent decision by the University of Notre Dame not only to invite President Obama to give the 2009 commencement address, but also to bestow upon him an honorary degree. In particular, David Freddoso over at NRO has been particularly good in covering both this topic and the President’s dubious background on issues of life.

Well known are his recent decisions to force American taxpayers to subsidize both the destruction of embryos for stem cell research and the destruction of babies via abortion throughout the world. A little less well known, but equally disturbing, were both his recent efforts to repeal the Bush Administration’s strengthening of conscientious objections for doctors not willing to carry out anti-life measures, and his efforts as an Illinois State Senator to stop a bill that would have prevented the killing of a baby born alive (i.e. living fully outside of the womb).

Instead of succumbing to celebrity and inviting a “cool” President to speak at graduation, perhaps Notre Dame should focus on its core principles. Without its Catholic soul, the University would be relegated to the growing ash-heap of second-rate academic institutions cluttered with self-important academics pedaling their leftist propaganda and politically correct musings.

Notre Dame should be better than that. And, that is why alumni and friends of the school should visit www.notredamescandal.com to register their objection to the administration’s decision – and more, they should step up and firmly withhold financial contributions to the University and stop all pledges to any annual giving or capital campaigns the University is running… including athletics. Money controls. Stop the flow during these tight budgets and send a message that this kind of total disregard for the sanctity of life and disrespect for Christian principle at an ostensibly Christian institution will not be tolerated.

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