Of course we WANT Obama to fail. The policies he does enact WILL fail. And America will succeed in spite of it.

Rush Limbaugh asked a genuine question this weekend at the CPAC Conference in Washington in response to the supposed controversy surrounding his comment a few weeks back that he “wants Obama to fail.” He asked this time (see here and here):

“So what is so strange about saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to reconstruct and reform this nation so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation?”

Seems like a reasonable question, doesn’t it?

Some, however, like to distort this seemingly uncontroversial and unsurprising sentiment to mean that Rush (and those who likewise want Obama to fail) wishes ill toward America. But how can that be if what you are opposing is an agenda that you believe is categorically harmful for the well-being of our nation and its citizens?

Keep in mind, that there are countless reasons we have already seen to be deathly afraid of where the country is headed under President Obama’s leadership. His nominees have been a disaster in quality and in ideology. Imagine a Supreme Court picked by President Obama. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi stimulus bill will saddle our nation with trillions of dollars of debt, do very little to stimulate economic growth, and offers very little in actual tax cuts (see Heritage letter here). His position on abortion is scandalous and well-documented – from letting babies die in hospitals to funding international abortions and forcing workers to participate in abortions or similar procedures unwillingly. His early steps to shut down GITMO and to move these dangerous individuals into the United States may well endanger American lives. He is already taking steps to give the federal government increased power over our healthcare, enact a radical environmental agenda and otherwise radically decrease freedom and increase the power of government.

Yet, a few Republicans (e.g. Cantor, Steele, and probably some others) have found themselves either disagreeing with or distancing themselves from Rush so that they can appear inclusive, non-divisive and “for things” rather than “against things.” (the not-so-new, “new” code among Congressional Republicans according to Byron York).

For these Republicans or any others who want to play politics to appear “moderate” or “inclusive,” I would ask: “which specific provisions of President Obama’s agenda do you wish him to succeed in accomplishing?” Seriously. I want to know. Which part of his ACTUAL agenda?

The answer cannot be anything other than “I want him to guide our troops safely abroad to protect America,” or certain other examples of decision-making as commander-in-chief. Because if it’s one ounce of his agenda, Republicans are either not being honest or they are more gutless than I thought.

But, the issue here is not whether we want Obama to fail in his agenda to radically re-shape America – we do. (little head nod to Animal House). No, the issue is that we KNOW that his policies CANNOT POSSIBLY SUCCEED.

We know those policies will fail. Why? Because we know that expanding the size and scope of government, appointing activist judges, taxing the American people, spending money that we do not have, eliminating personal responsibility by bailing out failures, and empowering government to take away our freedom is a prescription for failure.

The only way our nation will succeed is IN SPITE of this destructive, anti-American agenda. It will be because of the innate competitive spirit of Americans, a belief in freedom, self-determination and personal responsibility… and a firm reliance on the hand of Divine Providence.

So, to Rush – Godspeed. Keep beating the drum – of course we want Obama to fail. And those who say otherwise are either not conservative or dishonest.

But consider a modest addition to your position – and that is to make clear that we KNOW the Obama agenda will fail to work, so it will be incumbent upon us to combat the media, academia and the pundits to make clear that even as America slogs through the current mess and ultimately succeeds – it is absolutely IN SPITE of the Obama agenda… else, we may lose yet another generation to another total lie about the success of massive government programs in stimulating economic growth and improving our lives.