True Conservatives must Bolt the RNC

The time has come for true Conservatives, like-minded Independents and Libertarians to secede from their respective parties and join the Conservative Party of the United States (CP-USA).

The Republican Party has consistently failed to uphold conservative principles on so many levels since Ronald Reagan that it can no longer be considered a legitimate representative of traditional American conservative values. CP-USA rectifies that shortcoming.

There are Five Key Reasons why conservatives must leave the RNC if genuine conservatism is to survive in America. Based on recent legislative and political Republican failures in Congress, it’s clear you should be aware of them.

1. The Republican Party Has Lost Its Core Values
2. Republicans Lack Real Leadership or Vision
3. CP-USA will Provide a Genuine and Unambiguous Conservative Platform
4. CP-USA won’t Marginalize Conservatives
5. CP-USA will exert a much needed rightward pull on the body politic.

Please read more at: www.conservativepartyca.org/?page_id=55

The Mission of the Conservative Party is to:
> Promote and protect individual rights and freedoms set forth in the U.S. Constitution and to limit the scope of government to the authority set forth therein.

> Provide true conservatives with a strong political support base that empowers them to formulate genuine conservative agendas and to articulate those views to the American people without reservation.  The Party then creates the political environment that will encourage its members to run for elected office in the California State Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

> Unite various Conservative factions around the US under a unified alliance.

It is time to “Come Home America.”