I find it scary to believe that while Barack Obama and his celebrity pals are filling the airways with every conceivable lie, that millions of Americans could actually be convinced of them and vote for him. The same man who gets under the stadium lights and tell the country that he will think of us average Americans and bring prosperity and protection to us, is the same man who rubs elbows with the rich to get them to write huge checks to pay for it all. How can he stand up there and speak to know what its like for us average citizens and help us when celebrity’s are seen at every 1000 a plate dinner blowing up his pockets to get there agenda out there and in the White House. I am but an average citizen, making an average pay, and living an average life, and go home every night to see the countless number of ads discribing meaningless propaganda paid for by his celebrity friends. Mr. Obama I am sure is a good person and has a great political future ahead as Senator, but honestly does the country want an unexperienced Junior Senator with no foreign policy experience and has not once served a day in uniform be the most powerful leader of our country and our armed forces? I HOPE NOT!!! We need someone with multiple years experience, a man who is a war hero, who can talk and lead us in this War, and who has worked to commit to bipartisan solutions to our country’s problems whether it was favorable to his own party or not. We need a no nonsense solution to our country’s current economic state and the man to lead us in these tramatic times is JOHN McCAIN. We cannot afford to allow Mr. Obama to gain his political experience in the most powerful office our coutry has. We need a man who already possesses the experience and can lead us into turning this country around for the good of every American. Thanks for listening