A great walking talking multitasking organizer - how can we shut him up??


This country cannot survive with a multitasking organizer as a president, no matter how he charms you with the talk he talks and the walk he walks…

Ask yourself: what is the most important and difficult task he has COMPLETED so far in his lifetime? Is that task in any way something that is required that the president MUST be able to do? Sending email, phleeesz, don’t try to make me laugh – I want to be furious today.

If you are here then a bit about me:

1st off I can’t vote. I’m old enough, but I am a LEGAL alien in this country. A person who speaks and writes English about as well as the natives do. I take pride in that.

2nd, I never wasted time on politics before – it all seemed the same for the past 40 years.


But now everything HAS CHANGED. And unfortunately we can’t give “credit” to Obama for that change. Maybe blame him: for such a super duper smart man he should have seen this crisis coming a year ago. He has seen the junk mail in the mail box? He has taken loans? As a multitasking organizer acting as a junior senator, he certainly should have spent part of his day on financial issues of the day and the long term health of the US economy, or at the very least, the economy of his own state (which is in the same sinking boat now with the rest of the US).

I noticed the change in January 2007. Houses were no longer sold in a white heat of greed. Interest rates were going up. And I was about to put my newly remodeled old but “better than new” house on the market. Oooh?? YES, Virginia, you can blame me for the whole mess. I waited 35 years to remodel. The same with the stockmarket: if I got in THAT was the time for you to sell short or get out. An Oracle, no? Well, at least I know how to use Oracle database software.

The lenders from the 90’s (pre-BUSH) handed out loans to anyone with a spot of dirt and some structure on it. Monthly payments were about 2/3 less if you selected “payment option 1” (how many read the small print: you have negative amortization with huge payments due in the near future). And who worried about the interest rates going up from 3.6% to 11.6%, or the payments adjusting to “other options” i.e. higher payments. After all, we were going to sell for profit after a couple of years and do it again. Who did not love those NO DOC loans?

Then I saw the worst of my nightmares come true on Thursday, just a few hours ago. A true financial crisis with exponential properties, or like results from everyone in accounting doing on-the-job-training at the banks while texting on a Blackberry while talking on a cell phone while listening to the latest rap from some itty bitty thing that can now be swallowed accidentally if kept close to any snacks.

That’s how young people actually multitask now. And I may not even know the bare naked truth about all they do since they have their clothes on. Isn’t that just great? And I hear some people are using one clock for two fulltime jobs. Now how cool is that if some people can use both sides of their brain for 2 separate tasks and fool 2 bosses at the same time?

OK. So then McCain does the brave thing and heads to DC to fix the crisis. A brilliant idea and absolutely both candidates should be involved and fully immersed until a solution is found. Whoever gets the White House will have to live with the deal being made now.

OBAMA out to get McCain for not being able to multitask

I hit the roof again with Obama. He ridicules McCain for not being able to multitask, to deal with this crisis from where he is by email, phone etc. And by all means the debate should take place… OBAMA HAS TO BE ABLE TO TALK. You see, it is that simple: it is Obama’s #1 priority: TALK.TALK or ELSE YOU CANNOT FOLLOW HIM IF YOU DO NOT HEAR HIS VOICE.

Obama has no concept obviously of how a GROUP OF PEOPLE can manage complex and difficult problems. It requires concentration, immersion in facts and analysis, and NO distractions if possible. I developed factory automation software – which was somewhat complex and difficult, on a scale of 1 to 10 about 1 if this crisis is rated 10 as a problem to solve. So I know how proposals are developed, how alternatives are considered, how errors will be prevented, how the unintended consequencies must be exposed, and how much face-to-face time is needed to complete a proposal or project plan, etc.

Now in this crisis, I have no idea where they pulled $700 billion from — why not $710 billion just to be safe so we won’t go over budget on this? Can anyone ask for $10 billion here accuracy, please. 10 billion dollars used to be worth something until they invented the Euro.

So we have now more than before a need for a true leader.


This country cannot survive with a multitasking organizer as a president, no matter how he charms you with the talk he talks and the walk he walks… We need McCain to be elected for president!!

The McCain campaign must get this multitasking stab turned against OBAMA.

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