Howard Dean: "Genius" With No Portfolio

First he thought maybe Chief of Staff?  But that went to Rahm.  Then maybe he was going to be Secretary of Health and Human Sevices.  But that went to Tom.  Then the talk was about him becoming Surgeon General.  Well, for now, he’s talking about traveling to Europe.  Looks like it will be with no official portfolio.

For his “50 state” strategy, Dean has been called a genius, an unsung hero, and a victim of his own success.  The Burlington Free Press recently made him “Vermonter of the Year.”  If you want to see what some Vermonters really think of him, check out the reader comments to that story

I like the way Big Bag of Wind describes him:  Basically he’s like the Peter Sellers character in Being There, Chance the gardener.  His strategy benefited from the war in ’06, and it benefited this last year from the economy and  Obama-Mania.  Maybe the Obama team realizes Dean’s limited talent.  Victim of his own success?  Give me a break.