Tunnel Cost Overruns: Big Digs start with Small Lies

The Bridge that serves the South Park Community, and runs by quite a few small, minority owned, practicing the American Way businesses, has been closed.  Or opened so that cars, trucks, and business vehicles cannot take the shortest (greenest if your a Scots-Irish Greenie) route to work or home.  According to the Engineers report, done by Richard Johnson, he states a previous loosely assembled group had given the bridge a rating of 4.  Four sounds scary, the County said an earthquake could bring it down.  They didn’t say at what hour of the day the earthquake would happen, but they were sure one would bring it down.  There is a company called Manson Crane three miles down the Duwamish Waterway, that could pick the bascule Leaves out of the water, with less effort than I spend picking up a bag of groceries.

The Seattle Politburo is also considering boring the world’s widest, and longest tunnel (by the boring process).  A fellow Seattle Thinker has been questioning this process.  His questions are far better than the Council’s answers.  He echoes the Mayor’s concerns about who pays for cost overruns, if things don’t go as hoped.  I say hoped, because their is no set of blueprints or proposed contract.  But the Chief Councilman, Richard Conlin swears there will not be any cost overruns.  How he nows this I don’t know, probably from the same group that gave the bridge a rating of four.  I think it’s mostly a case of age-ism towards the bridge.  It was a so-called four in 2001, but they let us drove over it for nine years without a major problem.   The viaduct isn’t any better than the South Park Bridge, but since they would lose major, major revenue by shutting it down, it’s still open.  Governor Gregoire swore she would shut it down by 2012.  It was a matter of Public safety.  Till it wasn’t.  The Alaskan Way Viaduct has been given a stay of execution till up to 2020.

Well, Dominic Holden came right out and said it.  Mayor McGinn all but said it.  We have been lied to.  Dominic has collected the facts, and written another great article.  Well worth reading.  This is a classic example of why Republicans much prefer small, limited government.

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Democrat government planning comes in with it’s arms up in surrender.

ps. I was at a Forum last night hosted by the B-Town Blog, in which Joe McDermott (no relation to Jim McDermott) said proudly he led the failed effort to attain Tiger funds for the bridge.  He asked the Fed’s for $90 million dollars, or to pay 3 dollars out of 4 for this bridge.  He didn’t say what persuasion he used, or disclose what letters of support he had.  He failed to find one government organization to promise a single dollar for the bridge.  All those stimulus dollars out there last year, and the municipal and County governments couldn’t find one dollar for South Park.  And you say the Republicans are mean-spirited!