South Park Bridge, King County 8th District, a District Republicans aught to take more interest in

I came across an interesting video about the District I live in.  County Councilpeople run for the district on a non-partisan basis.  There is some value in this structure, as it forces candidates to focus on issues, the area and it’s unique challenges, and the people living in the area.   Jan Drago narrated an very good video describing the area she currently represents.  She is stepping down, and residents of KC-08 will have an oppurtunity to choose a person that represents their hopes and dreams for the area in which they live.  I have found my own choice, who I would like to see represent my interests.  I had a short talk with her on the South Park bridge on the day of the wake.  Her husband was there next to her.  He was the one with the can of spray paint, doing his own best, with political art at the top right of the bascule leave of the South Park Bridge (not the guy at the bottom of the bridge).  Diane made the most of the oppurtunity she had.  With a little money for spray paint, she got thousands of dollars of advertising for about $12.  This is the type of thinker we need in government right now.  (can be seen on upper right side of bridge)

She brought her kids, two little charmers.  She had a firm handshake, talked to me looking straight in the eye.  She is firmly committed to replacing the South Park Bridge.  She knows the value of the area, and the value of the people.  She grew up in South Park.  She would be an excellent leader for all the areas within KC-08.  The people living in the district have a very different viewpoint on life.  Very artistic, very creative, live simply, work hard, and respect the land that God gave them.

Here is the video.  The photographer has done an excellent job capturing what I see when I go for a drive, or bicycle ride.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo44AJ4NuhM (If Jan Drago has given an endorsement, I haven’t heard about it).

I believe Diane will say at County Council, what we believe the area is, and how it should be used.  She is cost conscious, has worked for County government before and nows wasteful it can be, and has called them out on it.  Like a stitch in time saves nine, a good vote, and early support, saves nine visits to County Administration, and a protest to boot.

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