South Park Bridge: Dear Mayor McSchwinn, The tunnel is about access to Billionaires Row

Seattle’s new motto should read, “Save Global Village, Screw Local Village”.  Put on the shoulders of local taxpayers and property owners, the cities previous Mayor and Council further burdened local Seattle Villagers, to the tune of $900 million in debt, to pay for the removal of a perfectly good Viaduct, to provide a tunnel entrance to Bill Gates Iris commercial development.  The Seattle Weekly calls it Billionaires Row.


Joel Connely calls it Vulcanville.


Hickorystick calls it Isisland.  Tax Parcel 1988201155. click accept.  Enter tax parcel number 1988201155 in block field for Tax Parcel, Parcel # From.

What you find is a Corporation called Iris Holdings LLC.  Go to Secretatary of State Washington, and you will find under corporations search, that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns the property.

Why this is important is that property created for the benefit of the People of the City, is being sold at greatly discounted rates to Billionaires.  That it is being sold at all is disgraceful.  The city doesn’t have enough money to operate, so property is being sold to Billionaires who operate in the state, selling their product without tariff, without sales tax, without paying income tax.  It is no wonder they are Billionaires.  While the rest of the country suffers, the Seattle Wealthy gets rich by paying no taxes.  The cost of government and building/replacing infrastructure is dumped on the poorest, and those trying to make their way up.

Now, how the tunnel connects into this.  The northern end of the tunnel lands where?  right smack dab next to Irisland.  Yes, Bill Gates has his private exit off of the tunnel to his charitable complex.  Paul Allen just has to drive Four blocks down the commercial corridor he owns to Irisland property, to get a nice entrance to the tunnel, and therefore a great roadway to his Seattle Seahawk football teams stadium.  Maybe we should change the name from Mercer Street, to Narcissus Street.

North portal design concept with curved Sixth Avenue The boomerang shaped buildings are projected Gates Foundation Buildings.  Nice of the City to incorporate them into the planning sketches.

To those of you outside Seattle, Paul Allen, Bill Gates old/new partner has properties on the east side of the 1/2 mile long street Mercer street.  The South Lake Union Development Project was put on the ballot for voters years ago, and rejected.  Mercer was one of the three original founders of Seattle.  Unlike the present power brokers, Mercer was committed to building a City for all the People.

The tax system in this state is badly broken.  The People are no more than cattle.  They are an undesirable nuissance to the Elite.  They are useful for paying for the cost of government.  But the land and profit belongs to the Wealthy Elite in their minds.  The Emerald City  is nothing more than the economic mess of the Emerald Isle, where the Large landowners did fabulous, but the People suffered terribly.  Most of the people of Ireland left for America, and honest oppurtunity.  That is why I have put my trust in Mayor McGinn.  Our politics differ at election time, but when he stands up for the People, I am with him.  I am a big believer in the American Way.  I am not a believer in Narcissus Way.

It is critical that the citizens of Seattle understand that history is the story of the struggle for land.  Government is the story of infrastructure building (usually at the expense of the poorest).  Commerce is merely the connection between a parcel of land, and the infrastructure to carry it to market.  Seattle sits on top of the shortest path by sea, to the largest markets in the world.  Their is no reason the city of Seattle should be broke.  The only reason it is, is because the tax revenue comes from the poor and middle class.  The Wealthy are not charged for the use of the natural advantages of the Puget Sound.  They also avoid paying their property taxes.  Use the the King County Assesors website to verify how many tax appeals are result in reduction of assesed value of property.

It is disgraceful that the City and County did not rely on their own revenues to replace the South Park Bridge.  They instead relied on the Federal Government to pay for it.  Their is no reason a taxpayer in Detroit, Michigan should pay for a City of Seattle bridge.  They say they lack revenue, but they give away property on the Commons of Seattle, the Seattle Center.  The Seattle center hosted the 1962 World’s Fair, and was supposed to be used as a park, and for a place for people to meet.  It is not supposed to be yet another commercial park.  The same process is happening in South Park.  What was supposed to be a park-like residential area, is being converted to industrial/commercial use.  It is a disgrace to everything Mercer and Denny and Maynard stood for.  Doc Maynard was the founder, who chased down Henry Yesler and said, yes i will.  Yes I will give some of my land for free to you to build a Mill.  Yesler’s Mill.  It was land for a critical piece of City commercial use, to convert trees to logs, giving the City much needed cash for building.  It was a sacrifice rivaled only by Guiseppe “Joe” Desimone’s gift of land to Boeing.  Of course most of Maynard’s land lied to the south of Skid Row (Yesler Way).  It is typical of those in South Seattle to make the greatest sacrifices, and those in the North to do the most ‘taking’.  Their is nothing Mr. Gates that you can teach anyone in South Seattle about giving and sacrifice.


“An Italian immigrant named Guiseppe Desimone, or Joe as he liked to be called, had heard that Mr. Boeing was considering leaving town and moving his operation to California.  Boeing needed more space for his company, and the skinflint County wasn’t providing it.  It was peacetime, and there was no method at the time for taking private property for commercial use (boy has that changed!).  Joe, being a patriot, and a good hearted fella as well, thought that Mr. Boeings company was good for the town, and it provided jobs in the Depression.  Joe made a sacrifice that is little heard of, and is one of the greatest sacrifices made in the history of the world.  He went to his neighbor, William Boeing who had  gotten his start in aviation in South Park, and offered him some land for his company.  It is said for the extra space for another runway, this is not so.  The land he gave was for a second plant, plant 2.  Plant 2 is where B-17’s were made.  The only plant in the world where B-17’s were made.  The only plant in the allied world where a large bomber was made.  Boeing built a plant on this land with the five section roof above the bridge roadway.  Later, once war was declared, the plant was expanded to the point it touched the bridge visible on the right.  The corner of the building was cut off at an angle to fit the last shed in.  A small dirt roadway below the bridge roadway is the remnant of the military road, or 14th Ave. S., which led up to Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park Cemetery/Park.”

The South Park Bridge is being torn down.  It carries the denizens of South Park to the City.  It lies on the historic Military Road, or Federal Way as it may be called.  Their will be at least three years of isolation of the residents and businesses.  I hope you feel good about yourself.  Your self-centerdness is going to send this community over the River Styx.