South Park Bridge: Mercury is up to 8, needs to reach 15

I was raised in a Presbyterian Church, but when my family moved to Alaska, there was no Pesbyterian church to attend, so we went to Douglas Island Bible Church.  We then moved to Skagway, and attended a church of yet another denomination.  They all had one thing in common at least.  When raising funds, they would draw a thermometer, and fill it in, as People placed  value in things physical, but of spiritual usefulness.  Well the Governor found another little agency I never heard of, with a little extra cash in a drawer, or behind a picture frame.



“With the bridge scheduled to close for safety reasons Wednesday, the Transportation Improvement Board decided to join other local and state agencies that are sharing the cost of a new bridge across the Duwamish River.

“Getting a request on Monday and acting on a $10 million grant on Friday is not our normal process,” said Stevan Gorcester, executive director of the 20-member Transportation Board. ” … When you have a facility in this condition, people just need to come together. We in the transportation business know how to come together when we need to.”

The funding, approved as a project of “an emergent nature,” will help to replace a 78-year-old drawbridge that carries 20,000 vehicles a day and connects a number of residential communities with the industrial heartland of South Seattle and North Tukwila.”


The Seattle Times and nwsource.com have really been pitching in for the little part of the community called South Park.  They have sent a sketcher up there to document the residents feelings abouth their precious little lamb, the South Park Bridge.  Hickorystick visited too, and saw a lot of people coming to say goodbye.  He met a nice elderly couple, In a shiny new gold Caddilac.  The husband had been born in South Park, came up the American Way, but still had respect for the things and places of South Park.  I got a little of his story, and he said his brother had all of the story.  His brother apparently remembers everything.  Anyway, here is a story from the guy sketching the neighborhood.  Check it out, it is a very inventive way of reporting.


Well, the Democrats love to talk about how they create jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.  Here is a story from the sketcher that honors one real actual man, and one real actual job lost.


Now I guess Democrats can only say jobs, jobs, jobs.  They will have to leave out the third repetition of jobs.  Because John Walker is taking a long walk off of a short bridge.  I would like to suggest to my Democrat leader opponents, but fellow citizens, to set up a coffee pot, or expresso stand in the West Tower of the bridge, and ask Mr. Walker if he would like to sell coffee and chat with the folk.  We can honor the regular Joe’s, Desimone. Diamond, and the South Park Crew, buy calling it “Joe’s Joe”.  Actually there are a lot of things South park, and the municipalities need to talk about.  A conversational relationship needs to be established.  I have to add, Constantine has belatedly done an exceptional job in fundraising.

The funding is coming together, as is the community.  The remainder of funds need to come from the Military, Boeing, and a few North of Skid Row Billionaires who still give a damn.  The community needs to be recognized and lifted up for it’s honorable past.


Their is a wake planned for the closing.  It looks like something well worth going to, and I will.   A few very short links about art and protest



Danny Westneat has been awesome on this issue.


I’m going camping, but I’ll be back to work some more on this issue.  South Park and Georgetown have been shining examples of how to put We The People back into the Constitution.