South Park Bridge: Port Authority Chips In

The Port Authority of Seattle has agreed to add $5 million dollars to the kitty for a new bridge.  I think the number is a little low, and that they will regret not having played a bigger part in what will become a very good story.  But they are moving in the right direction.

I did a little street archaelogy yesterday, and found the path of an old bridge connecting to a street called Purcell Ave.  I also found bits of the old wagon road, both in the flats by the electrical towers, and further up the hill.  I also found a very stable pad on the ground, made of bricks from the old McCallister brick plant.  Very cool stuff.  I need more time to be able to write this story.

Actually I came up with three stories yesterday, and more material on a third.  It is a fascinating area.  No, four stories.  There was considerable social displacement during and after the war.  The poor People had know idea what happened to their community.  Their is a great debt the area, and the community, owe to this community and surrounding communities.  I also came up with one that the Boeing Wingnuts and Bluebills will love.

I have a couple stories for the Bluebills.  One about street layouts and Boeing Plants, in which the community of South Park plays a central role.  The other giving more history of the Little Red Barn.  But a good story takes time, and I have been rushing too much, to influence these bridge decisions.   Partly this is my fault, for not having gotten involved sooner.  A lot of people I haven’t met yet have spent considerable time trying to save this historic and spirit centered  community.  I realized their really isn’t that much rush.  The bridge closing is June 30th, but the intended demolition isn’t for another two months.  While the Bascule leaves are raised, like arms in surrender, I’ll shed some more light on this Holy Port Town.

Anyway, were making some progress.  The Puget Sound Business Journal has been faithfully reporting on the commercial enterprise, and Port stories for years.  Thanks for your hard work for the community.  One minor correction to the article, the Skid Row Council chipped in $15 million, not $5 million.


KOMO news shot of South Park Bridge.

And another shake of the hubcap, which I lifted from the King of Hubcaps.