Notice to Washington Republican Senatorial hopefules:

Listen up you two knuckleheads.  You are slowly losing your oppurtunity to cut 1/3rd of the voting block out of the City of Seattle and South King County.  The infrastructure and amenity Sham-Wows of North Seattle are gobbling up all the funds for city improvement.  They are closing a bridge, The South Park Bridge, that carries 20,000 people a day to an from the City.  The only bridge left, will be the 1st Ave S bridge, and that is going to go in total dysfunction.  You need to physically show up in South Park, introduce yourself, and ask how you can help.  This is low hanging political fruit.  The ultimate prize for you could be all of South King County.

The cost to you, is you have to start caring about actual real people, with actual real problems.  Yes, you need to get involved with the City.  A lot has been said over the past year and a half about the Constitution.  Most people are real simple.  We The People and the bill of Rights is enough for them.  The technical stuff they are willing to leave to another.   When the South Park Bridge leaves raise open, and stay open, it is going to be the largest sign of a failure this city has seen in twenty years.   Opening the bridge cuts off the people off Southwest King County from Seattle, and it cuts off the Politicians of Seattle from the people of Southwest King County.  Your choice. The Republican  nomination hangs on this bridge.  First one their is the winner.

Google Hickorystick AND South Park Bridge, and you have all the research you need.  And if you are an aide to these men, that means you bring it up to the candidate.  Didier, this is an old farming village.  It was the breadbasket of the City.  Rossi, their is no other part of the City more Italian than this.

send an E-mail via [email protected] if you want my e-mail address.  Or better yet, just show up in South Park and ask how you can help.

(I am not officially connected to RedState)