South Park Bridge; What has value?

I was looking at the google map online last night, and marveled at how many streets could be cut off in a small community, and how so much industrial/commercial space could be packed in hodge-podge.  I have the answer to why South Park is the way it is; at least the commercial functions.  The Human functions of how it operates are inexplainable.  How they could withstand the forces of the federal and county governments from taking their land is a marvel.

I could clearly see the commercial value of the land.  So many businesses packed into a tight space.  They badly want to be there.  They put up with irregularly shaped land and make it work.  And it all rotates off the airport, and Boeing’s land.  Now I have a story you have never heard.  It involves road layouts, and the most important factory in the history of the planet.  Before I write it, the question presses in on my head; what has value?

We build parks, which produce nothing of commercial value.  We pay for artwork, which cannot wash or clothes or mow our yards.  When a soldier dies, we honor him, try to provide something for his family.  But frankly their are 100’s of 1000’s more willing to serve.  Why isn’t he just a single unit, easily monetized?  Why aren’t their Walmarts for fathers.  Missing one, well go down aisle two, the red-heads are on sale this week.  This is a city built on the concepts of parks and boulevards, on morality in civil engineering.  It is a city built by Progressive Republicans (Old School) with the hope and faith of evading the brutal realities of New York city.

We spend our money on books that tell stories of history.  Some of us value what others did before us to improve our lives or country.  But they were paid weren’t they?  Jefferson received a salary.  Washington was well re-imbursed for performing his function as Commander-in-Chief and President.  He got what he had coming, let’s move on.

This week there has been a parade of officials coming to South Park to weep about the loss of a bridge.  They haven’t got any money, but they feel real bad.  They actually have money, but they prioritize it for other more important things.


But their is a debt that is owed to this community.  Their is a debt not only the state, city, and county owe, but the entire free-world.  I am not being flip.

From the outside, to the passer-by, South Park doesn’t look like much.  Like the Velveteen Rabbit, it’s kind of worn out.  I drive through there frequently, but didn’t understand until I started to do some research.  All I had were a few disjointed facts about the neighborhood in general.  When it comes up in the news, it is usually associated with something criminal, or negative, or kooky.  But the loss of a bridge; and this is going to impact Beverly Park and White Center too, has focussed the mind.  It will delay the crossing over First Ave. by up to twenty minutes for all.  And yes, that is twenty minutes each way, away from the family, and responsibilities at home.  I wish the Italians were still in that neighborhood, they would focus the minds of the officials making these stupid, mammon worshiping choices.

Well, I’m going to continue my fight.  It has taken on more than time and money issues to me.  The leaders are blind and corrupt, and cannot understand whats really important.  I will give them the story, and do my part to do it the easy way.  Give them the chance to be there better self.  But I also have the destructive stories.  Commerce has been a net negative for the community of South Park.  The benefits move to far away neighborhoods, and the costs, social costs, stay right at home.

I have selected my targets, and the mission is becoming very clear.  I am not going to target comercial enterprises who are doing thier best to survive and provide jobs for those daddy’s who bring home money to support their families.  Lord knows government makes it hard enough already.  But I have discvovered information, and gained knowledge about the processes that government uses to favor businesses that benefit themselves.  And I am uncovering a story of how re-zoning is abused, post WW2.  Their are some real villians in this second story, that have done a lot of harm.  Their is a lot of poverty that is not accidental.  Conservatives have a hard time grasping the concept of social cost, or social justice.  It is usually equated with taking money out of their pocket to be given to another.  They are mostly right, but I will use the case study of South Park to explain some of the actions of government to promote business, can have terrible effects on hard working, loyal to the Union communities.  Powerful forces and careful calculations are made that have cruel effects.

Their are some costs and debts that cannot be monetized.  I will tell my story of how a military road that pointed straight at Plant 2, the one factory in the Allied world, that produced a large bomber.  B-17 and government next.