South Park Bridge.. How King County steals property

Skipping across the river to tax parcel 2136200641.  Accessible through King County Recorders office

step 1: intimidate the hell out of a long term local company.  (force environmental compliance)


click accept if you like.

Step 2:  Slit off the portion of the property that is on the water and contaminated, into a seperate parcel number.   Read second “Whereas”.  Sell the property to the County.  County releases Company from environmental obligations.  This is a Federal Waterway, I didn’t know they had the power to do that.

Step 3:  With property in hand, convert it to a bus barn for school buses.  Final Comment Period on sign posting change is listed as 1-27-2010.  The intention to move buses from west side of waterway to the east side of waterway is clearly in the works years before, back to 2006.  This is done to avoid the traffic mess closing the south park, or 16th Ave. bridge will create.

Step 4:  Lie through you teeth about having tried to keep the bridge open.  The school buses are long since moved, but the claim that it is having to be closed because Federal funding through on 2-17-2010 is bogus.



“The latest round of TIGER (federal stimulus money) grants … includes $30 million in funding for the $200 million Mercer project … they skipped over a request from King County to replace the deteriorating South Park Bridge, which links South Park and White Center to the Duwamish industrial area and downtown Seattle across the Duwamish River.”

“I am very disappointed for the people of King County that our application for federal stimulus funding to replace the South Park Bridge was not approved,” Constantine said in a statement.


For the people outside Seattle, the Mercer Street project is something that Paul Allen’s Vulcan development has been working on for a long time.  Basically they are forcing small businesses out of South Lake Union and replacing them with bio-medical research buildings.  Seattle has also payed for a little electric commuter train for Paul Allens real estate enterprise.  The trains acronym is SLUT, or South Lake Union Transit.

Step 5:  Go to Freedom Church on 35th and Roxbury and lie some more about the shock and disappointment you have to close the bridge.  Freedom church caters to  black parishioners, and was kind enough to open their facilities to the Public for King County to hold a hearing to explain the situation.  It is located at a main arterial terminus that South Park Bridge serves.

note: King County changed it’s namesake from an early pioneer resident, to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr..  You know, the good reverend may have been right to change his emphasis from racial injustice, to social and economic injustice.

p.s.  8th Ave. used to serve as a road to the 8th Ave. bridge serving South Park.  It was personally built and supervised by R H Thomsen, city engineer to Seattle.  He was a Republican, and could see the value of the community and diverse ethnic culture South Park already was.  The 8th Ave. bridge was built in 1885.  It was torn down and never replaced.  It had been named in the honer of Ulysses S. Grant, also a great man, a Republican, and who had as a personal assistant an American Indian.

Find the funds, even if you have to pass the hat around to the billionaires who own property around the Duwamish.