This is the how the American Way is done

Step one:  Install a web page to create accountability and laud student excellence


Step two:  Accept your award from the Smithsonian, post it on Facebook:

Kent Keel Here is the link to one of the ComputerWorld – Smithsonian awards my team and I won while I was the Executive Director of Information Technology at the Kent School Distrcict. http://www.cwhonors.org/Search/his_4a_detail.asp?id=692

March 27 at 10:29pm
Step three:  Team up with a established Pierce County politician, with a reputation for accountability:

Kent Keel Dick Muri and me sharing a moment at the county convention. I really appreciate his unwavering support. He will make a great Congressman!

Note:  Dick muri blasted Adam Smith for his support of socialistic health care.  Jumped in to take away Smith’s seat.  http://www.dickmuri.com/
Step four:  Go for it!!!             http://www.electkentkeel.net/
I love this story.  It represents everything about the American Way.  Although we tend to imagine ourselves as rugged individualists in the Jedediah Smith
mode, In reality Americans have always desired to live in community and help each other up.  These are two outstanding members of the Washington community.
It also illustrates perfectly where the Republican Party should focus it’s efforts.  Education, family, and working from the bottom… upward.