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Eltopia, Wa.  May 1, 2010

Clint Didier said today he would not leave the U.S. Senate Race if Dino Rossi gets in, or for any other reason.  Didier was asked at a recent forum if he would leave the race if Dino Rossi gets in.  He issued the following statement:

“As of the current FEC report, I’m the leading candidate, having raised more campaign funds from individual donors than all other candidates put together.  We’ve posted hundreds of large signs up all across the state – again, far more than all other candidates.  We didn’t do all of that for nothing.

I entered this race because I believe I’m the best candidate and have a fresh perspective to bring to the debate.  Primaries are for sorting out the differences and giving voters choices between candidates.  I aim to do just that. Yes, Dino is a choice.  But I don’t believe he’s the right choice for Republicans, or that he can win.  Here’s why.

While I’m a Republican, I am so because I believe in the GOP platform.  But we Republicans need to be honest with ourselves.  While we’re all running around talking about how bad Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are, we had better stop long enough to look in the mirror and remember why establishment Republicans were so decisively fired by voters in 2008.  They were fired, because for eight years of being in the majority, they had been giving Americans the same thing the Democrats have – bigger and more intrusive government, more regulations, huge deficits and less personal liberty – the very opposite of our party’s platform.  Frankly, we have been a large part of the problem with the economic turmoil we face today.

Any Republican honest with themselves knows that what I’m saying here is true.  This country is on the brink of total failure and every day people know it and feel it.  We have to quit making the same mistakes over and over again.  This year’s election isn’t just about electing Republicans; it’s about electing the right kind of Republicans.

That’s why I’m running.  That’s why so many other true conservatives have surfaced to run.  That’s why the Tea Party was born.  The revolt that is going on across America today isn’t just against the Democrats.  It’s against those elected who vote the liberal agenda and sell us down the river.

I don’t know Dino Rossi personally. But I do know he is part of the Republican establishment – all you have to do is look at those he surrounds himself with.  I don’t believe he’s the conservative people think he is.

If people want more of the same, the McCain or Bush type of governing, then they can support Dino.  If they want the change they missed the last time, then they can support me.

Finally, I believe I have most of the Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty support. No candidate will win this year without them.  And the huge majority of these activists agrees with me and will not support Dino Rossi for the reasons just mentioned.  And when they don’t, he can’t win.  And this time around, they’re not buying the ‘lesser of two evils’ argument.  Conservatives are tired of it and have decided if the only choice is between going over the cliff at 45 miles per hour with the Republicans, or 85 with the Democrats – we may as well get it over with.

Yes, there may just be a high tide carrying Republicans back into power this November.  But it had better be the right ones this time; those who will move the ball down field, otherwise we’ll be right back where we started.

As I said earlier, primaries are for sorting out the differences.  Rest assured, if Dino comes in this Senate race, it will not be the kind of primary he’s used to.  He will be facing some real conservatives with tough questions.

People are broke, scared, tired, and looking for something new in politics. I’m running to give it to them.

No, I will not be getting out of this race.

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