While New England Moralizes, Obama profiles Mexicans in Arizona


Photo of Aguirre-CardonaAGUIRRE-ROSAS, Hugo Humberto Photo of AlvarezPhoto of Armenta-BeltranPhoto of Armenta-BeltranAYALA-FELIX, Martin Rosario Photo of BELTRAN-MORENOCALLEJAS-BELTRANPhoto of CORRALPhoto of De La RosaPhoto of Fuentes-VeraPhoto of GallegosPhoto of GARCIA-RAMOSPhoto of Gaxiola-MedinaPhoto of Gonzalez-CastilloGONZALEZ-MENDEZ, Ivan ErnestoAll have Hispanic last names.

And then there is Richard James Gritzenbach II          IPhoto of Gritzenbach

The first 16 pictures are of people being looked for by Obama’s henchmen at the DEA.  These pictures are from the Arizona office of the DEA.  Of course the new millenium’s standard is that a President knows everything that is going on at all times in his administration.  Just like Bush planned Abu Ghraib, then delegated to Cheney to blow up the canals in New Orleans.

So, these are the faces of who commits crime in Arizona according to Obama.   Lets continue:

Photo of Guzman-EnriquezPhoto of Islava-Rojohispanic

Photo of Jonesnon-hispanic

Photo of LeosLOAIZA-MEZA, Leobardo Guadaupe Photo of LeosPhoto of Medrano-RamirezPhoto of Mendoza hispanic, then;

Photo of MONZON-SALOMON, BenitoPhoto of MONZON-SALOMON, Fabian non-hispanic, then;

Photo of Pacheco-CastilloPhoto of Pena-SarabiaPONCE-VIZCARRA, FranciscoPhoto of Quintero-ArcePhoto of RosarioPhoto of Silva-NieblasPhoto of Urias-LeonPhoto of Yanez-PesqueriaPhoto of Zaragosaallhispanic

Then the toll-free tip-lines.

Phoenix DO
Tucson RO
Yuma RO

Don’t be a racist like Barack.  They just went out for a slurpee.  But for  a President, this looks like the face of crime in Arizona.  In my corner of America, the NW, Barack puts the same color faces on the crime list.  DC has a different type and much shorter lists.  New England the same as DC.

note:  a good white New Englander probably was paid a lot of money to set of this profiling site.

Wheres Jack Murtha when you need a few white guys to prosecute?  same place as the guy who said “Abu Graib was now open under new management”.  And it’s a whole lot hotter than Arizona.

True info; but major snarks included.  The DEA officers and border patrol are truly heroes.  Politicians are not.