My favorite Italian, today

I dropped of my daughter at the ferry dock today, and on the way back, I looked at the front page of The Seattle Times.  Below the headline was a two word phrase, quoting Judge Antonin Scalia.  Democracy takes “civic courage”.  That sums up for me the thing that has bothered me the most, since the start of the new administration.  And frankly before that for a long time.  A great part of my education, was looking at men (and some women) who did extraordinary things.  I have always enjoyed a good hero.  Much of the time of the Left is spent on tearing down, or pointing out the flaws in these men.  And flawed they were.  But they did amazing things just the same.

Two men, in my Pantheon of Hero’s, are John Knox and Andrew Jackson.  John Knox is famous for setting the presbyterian church on a solid footing, and for his famous rants against the Queen of Scotland.  Andrew Jackson is famous for the battle of New Orleans and for kicking the South open to settlers.  Both men are of Scottish descent, which makes me a little biased.  And both men said something very similar.  John Knox said, ‘with God, one man is always in the majority’.  Andrew Jackson said, ‘one man with courage makes a majority’.  Living in a democracy takes courage.  Their is much to learn and understand, and often you can feel alone in your struggles.

Antonin Scalia said this in front of a man I am coming to greatly admire.  Attorney General Rob McKenna.  He will be tilting his sword against the Obama windmill soon enough.  He will be doing it in protection of an Individual right not to buy a product.  He has become very unpopular among the Democratic leaders of the state of Washington.  He has become a folk hero to Washington Republicans.

Oh, and did you get the Mc in McKenna.  Damn Proud.

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010