The Lair of the Dragon

I read up about the Commerce Clause yesterday. Any thing that affects interstate commerce is under the control of the national government. When the Supreme Court decided  against allowing a guy to grow wheat for feeding his livestock, which he would sell on the open market, because it would reduce a sale which could generate excise tax for the United States government, all state constitutions were made toothless.  From Wikipedia:


In Wickard v. Filburn (1942), in the context of the Second World War, the Court ruled that federal regulations of wheat production could constitutionally be applied to wheat grown for “home consumption” on a farm—that is, wheat grown to be fed to farm animals or otherwise consumed on the farm. The rationale was that a farmer’s growing “his own wheat” can have a substantial cumulative effect on interstate commerce, because if all farmers were to exceed their production quotas, a significant amount of wheat would either not be sold on the market or would be bought from other producers. Hence, in the aggregate, if farmers were allowed to consume their own wheat, it would affect the interstate market in wheat.



Our states became nothing more than regional administrations. Our state history no longer mattered. Our state culture no longer mattered. Our wish to direct our lives no longer mattered. Only the will of the US Congess matters; yes, Nancy Pelosi is our Queen. ATT is our Lord.
The AG’s created a ripple in the Matrix. In my state, Chris Gregoire understood immediately what this suit meant. Her funding, without having to go to the embarresment of raising taxes was threatened.  Jay Inslee, Nancy Pelosi’s thug enforcer, knew the syndicate was threatened.


“This morning I was honored when President Obama signed the bill that provided insurance coverage to 32 million Americans.”………

……..This is unacceptable. My colleagues and I fought over 2,000 insurance lobbyists in Washington DC to get health care reform passed — and now we have to fight Washington State’s Attorney General too?

When Rep. Kind, Rep. Braley, Rep. McCollum, and I were representing the House Quality Care Coalition until 3am Saturday night to negotiate a solution to longstanding inequities in Medicare and cobble together the votes to pass the bill, we were doing what was right for America.



Jay Inslee is supposed to represent Snohomish and Kitsap Counties in WA-01.  There is no concern to his district in writing bills to give free healthcare to 30 million Americans.  He never even mentions his district.  His ‘interest’ is tied to Nancy Pelosi’s hindside.  All his funding goes through Washington DC.


Governor Chris Gregoire-ACORN, attacked McKenna in this way:



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Here, at least she talks about Washingtonians, but when asked about the Constitution, she uses words like good and fair, marxist substitutes for worker and equality; funding being laundered through the National government.  State Leaders are more tied to DC than their own state.

We have found the source.  Anything that produces a tax or fee for the National Government.  All entrepreneurship and freedom is limited to subservience to the national will.  Your job or small business is allowed to exist or not depending on whether it adds an excise tax to the national coffers.

When an individual in a state not buying health insurance adversly affects the  healthcare market, it shows it for what it is….redistribution.  A Supreme Court alternative to free-market distribution.  An individual buying health insurance, has about 20% of the payment removed to fund Medicare.  The healthcare bills’ individual mandate forces individuals to buy insurance or pay a fine.  The amount of money generated to the national government is about the same, whether they buy or pay the fine.

McKenna puts the question to the courts; are we free or slave to others?  Do we have a choice to participate in the free-market, and how will our choices be nudged?  The Commerce Clause has been molded to make it a Tyrant.  This is where we must focus our fight.  Originally decided to strengthen the Union against external enemies, it is now used to weaken states, and tyrannize individuals and corporations.