Adam Smith WA-09 getting scared

Local radio host David Boze is running his 300 Battle to defeat healthcare.  Based on the movie, where a small force defeated overwhelming odds, he is challenging callers to donate $10 to Dick Muri and defeat ObamaCare.  A Seattle rally in ’94, where 1,000 people showed up to listen to Hillary in Westlake Plaza, drew 2,000 protesters, and started an opposition to that healthcare attempt.

Dick Muri is challenging Adam Smith this fall, and is going directly after him over healthcare.  He has received 700 contibutions in 12 hours, raising $14,000.  Dick Muri received 59% of the vote in his last election.  He is an ex-Air Force vet with a large combined military base, Ft. Lewis/McChord with 50,000 armed force personnel in his district.  Adam Smith did not serve.

Smith voted for healthcare the first time around, but is undecided now.  He could easily be defeated this fall.  He is wavering.  One way to shake him is to contribute $10 to Dick muri’s campaign.  According to the News Tribune, Muri’s surge is shaking Smith.  The last thing he needs this fall is a challenger with a solid issue.

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