Call the Left wing What it is "Communism"

  • DESPIERTATE AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. I am uphold at the naivety of my country’s people, they are voting for an man that talks the talk and makes you believe he dose the walk. The people in Cuba thought Castro was the saviour,Castro was going to liberate Cuba from the strong hold of a tyrant, let me tell you something the world doesn’t know, Batista wasn’t the best of presidents but he was elected by the people, he had only been in power for @8 years, the last few years of his administration he spent attempting to stop the infiltration of communism, the people of Cuba had no idea that Castro had ulterior motives for his invasion of a country with liberty and democracy, Castro was even placed on one of Cuba’s most popular media magazine “La Bohemia” front page as Christ likeness figure. I remember that the media secretly was contributing with his propaganda in a way that the people of Cuba could not recognize that it had socialist intentions. The people in Venezuela thought Chavez was the saviour, the people of Venezuela would have never voted for Chavez had they know what his intentions were.I am Cuban-American veteran of the VietNam war, I have seen in person the horrors of Communism, I have seen the atrocities committed by people that think their way is the only way even though they are in the minority. There are some people that don’t believe in “Majority rules” We as a people are becoming more and more “me as what I want”.If we don’t stop the madness we are going to become another Cuba or another Venezuela. I have never in my 50 years in this country seen so much hate between the Democrats and the Republicans. If this trend continues this country will become part of the One World Organization. Are we ready to have the United Nations Run our country? Have you seen how the countries that belong to the United nations behave?.Think of this and really try to understand the ramification of of the wrong decision. Mr. Obama, left wing Democrat, Congress majority left wing democrats, House of Representatives, majority left wing democrats.Now look at the Supreme court, if any of the conservatives retires do you think the democrat Administration, Senate or Congress is going to replace it with a conservative? think again. There will be no check and valances to stop any changes made to any or all of our way of life.

* Lets do some comparison;Germany, East, left wing, West, right wing. Who did better?Korea, North left wing, South right wing. Who is doing better?Cuba, left wing, 50 years of the same,I can go on and on, what America needs to do is remember or study how we bacame what we are today, and how many have died to keep it that way.Please don’t change my country, I like it the way it was, we just need to fix it, we just need to stop the bikering, all we need to do is just get along.