5 Million Jobs?

  • I must of been sleeping when we decided to elect a CEO of a very large corporation that is going to create 5 million jobs. Now, lets elect a president that will keep our country safe, a real American that has no problem displaying the American flag on his lapel, an American that if asked to go to war will not hasetate to flex his mussels. We need someone that will not associate with people that hate America, with people that hate anyone that is not of the race that they are. We all know who they are, don’t we?

Why do you think Mr. Obama says he is black and not white? Do you think he may want to be seen as the victim,and not the victor? victim of what?

The only real victims this country had where the American Indians, I don’t see them disrespecting their own race by killing each other like animals.

Mr. Obama’s friend and pastor talks about oppression of the Afro American Man by the white man, what about the lack of respect the Afro American Man has for the Afro American Woman? what about the lack of respect the Afro American man has for their own neighborhoods? I don’t recall any white man teaching anyone to be destructive, I do know that my schooling was always constructive, both at home and in school.

Our history tells us that mankind has been bad to each other, whites against whites “American Revolution” why don’t we teach every one how many white men died to free the Afro American, why is this not relevant in the Afro American history? was I miss-informed about the American history?*