Cool NRA Story, Bro

From the outset of the horrific Parkland shooting we have heard prominent anti-gun voices express their opinion that “The NRA has blood on its hands” and “The NRA is a terrorist organization”. Millions of people were understandably outraged that in the wake of a national tragedy they were being blamed for the actions of a crazy person. And facing that backlash the narrative has now shifted to “Oh, we don’t mean you people”.

So, it’s NOT the 5 million people that are card-carrying members of the NRA.  Just the people that represent them.  That those 5 million people pay to work in DC to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Cool NRA story, bro. I’m sure people don’t get at all upset when you say “You’re a good person, but your mom is a whore” either.

We support the NRA because of the work they, and other gun advocacy groups do for our rights as citizens of this nation. They represent us all. We may disagree with some of the directions they take, some of the partisan hackery they have engaged in. But we know at the end of the day they’re doing everything they can, while daily being accused of being worse than the madmen that shoot up churches and schools, to preserve one of our most basic rights as Americans.

Insulting the NRA insults us. Calling them terrorists is equivalent to calling us terrorists. I’d honestly rather see the anti-NRA voices stick to their earlier story, and cut the bullshit about Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch being evil awful people and the rest of us being decent Americans. This ridiculous backpedaling is even more insulting because they think we’re too stupid to understand that they’re latching onto the widespread feeling that DC lobbyists are bloodsucking corporate shills to make an underhanded point about us.

We already know that they fully believe that the NRA is up in DC just to sell guns and make evil-corporation-level-profits, with no thought about whose hands those guns get into, maniacally pursuing money over morality. When they insist that pro-gun Americans are decent but the NRA is not, they insinuate that we support terrorism, that we’re mindlessly throwing our money at an infamous institution because they promise to “fight for muh rights” and that we never scrutinize the leaders of the group itself. It’s infuriating. In that I mean, it’s sad to see so many people vilifying a group that cherishes one of our most important rights and by extension the rest of us.

Their passive aggressive commentary is disingenuous as well as ignorant. The NRA represents ALL Americans, not just its paying members. They work to keep busybodies and pearl clutchers from infringing on our fundamental right to protect ourselves, our families and our property. The 5 million-strong NRA members understand this, we understand the insults they’re REALLY flinging at us, but we’ll keep cheering the DC cohort on. Being told we have blood on our hands, and the loss of corporate discounts are totally, utterly worth everyone’s right to personal defense.

So, ever so kindly, screw you, Joe Scarboroughs of the world.