I Guess Votes Really Do Matter

So yesterday happened. In Alabama of all places, a Democrat won Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat. Jeff Sessions, who won his seat recently with something like 93% against his opponent. Democrats turned out in big numbers. It was a referendum on Trump! It was a rejection of a racist bible-thumping homophobe! Their guy fought the KKK! Libs were stoked, and riding high on a wave of “If we can do this in Alabama of all places, there’s hope for us after all in this Trump world!”

And because they’re liberals, they didn’t think things through. Doug Jones *barely* beat Roy Moore. How close was it? It was this close:

Guess what the deciding factor was?

Write-in votes. The determined 22,819 people who turned out and bucked their party’s choice. Roy Moore ended up with 20,715 votes less than Doug Jones. Make no mistake, this was a conservative rebellion. Democrats weren’t going to NOT vote for their guy. They finally had some national attention. They poured money into outreach and campaigning, outspending the Moore campaign 6-1. Their people weren’t about to go off the rails for some write-in. And while they turned out impressive numbers, Democrats just don’t have enough votes in what is one of the most conservative states in the Union. All but a few of those write-ins would have gone to a Republican if the candidate had been pretty much anyone else.

It was the small contingent of true Alabama Rebels that said they couldn’t in good conscience vote for the guy, who didn’t believe the D.C. officials who promised a congressional reckoning if Moore won the seat, who knew that whatever you believe about the sexual misconduct allegations, Roy Moore is a twice-removed judge who refuses to recognize both federal law AND THE CONSTITUTION when it doesn’t suit his purpose (seriously, how do you style yourself as a Constitutional Defender while ignoring separation of Church and State and opining that everything after the 10th Amendment should go? But I digress).

Remember yesterday’s election when you’re afraid that your vote doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, that this two party system we’re in is rebel-proof. Because even if your guy doesn’t win, even if you’re not a fan of the other side’s guy, if enough of you get together, the guy who would be an absolute stain on this great Nation just might lose, and that transcends the eternal Washington Left-Right power struggle.

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