Gloom and Doom and The GOP

Tuesday’s election results are a harbinger of things to come in 2018. Unfortunately we may see a 2010 Tea Party Revolution, only in reverse: An electrified Dem base, unified in its opposition, driving out incumbents and delivering control of the House back into their hands. We very well could see more redistricting to favor future Democrat campaigns, and the loss of future Senate seats. Current members of Congress, Trump and any candidate he endorses will serve as touchstones for Democrat voter anger.

Seat flipping is common during mid-cycle elections. So why, with less than one year of control of all three branches of government, does it seem like we’re on the brink of gloom and doom for the GOP?

Conservatives are sick of the Swamp we’ve elected, unhappy about candidates propped up by various interests and crippled by internal strife. Left unchecked, R-voter apathy will pave the way for spectacular losses next November and in 2020.

The GOP is currently composed of a lot of like-minded individuals who throw around terms like RINO, cuck and Trumper because we’re all Mean Girls now I guess. The Big Tent of the Tea Party Patriots is increasingly inflexible blocs claiming “You can’t sit with us”. We’re bitchy factions that all despise each other and trash our candidates for *any* one thing perceived as out of place.

Not surprisingly, next year’s candidates are in a tough situation. They could adopt the same tactics that Trump employed. But they’re not him. These candidates will lose because they’re not Trumpy enough (h/t to Caleb for this one), AND ALSO because they turn off voters who simply can’t stand Trump.

They could adopt a traditional GOP platform but they’ll get trounced by jaded voters as being more of the same Swamp creatures that got us a do-nothing Congress.

They could go all in on anti-Trump rhetoric but be torpedoed by both mainstream Republicans and Trump True Believers as being Never Trumpers who by some miracle manage to be simultaneously irrelevant yet will totally destroy everything.

It’s hard to imagine, under these conditions, Republicans managing to coalesce strongly around candidates in any of the 468 races that will take place next year. Democrats assuredly will be in lockstep, and they will turn out in droves.

How do we make it out of this? I may be offering up just another steaming hot take from a nobody hypocritical concern troll cuckRINO!neverhumper living in a post-Roy-Moore-allegations world, but here’s my advice: We’ve ALL forgotten that we’re in this together and that more often than not, we agree on The Things.

We’re the Grand Ole Party dammit, the Big Tent, full of all kinds of Right-leaners, all marching and waltzing and twerking and sashaying to the same beat. With few exceptions, we need our squishes, our hardliners and our in-betweeners. Our mavericks and loose cannons, our stalwarts and our never-budgers. We need our candidates to be those same things (so long as they’re rockstars). We should have disagreements, and not being able to in good conscience moments, and being just a bit hypocritical moments, without there always being scorched earth reactions. The GOP is still our best shot and as distasteful as the party currently may seem, we need to stop tearing each other apart over every. single. thing. Our fractures will only be used against us next November.

“Country over party” is quite the noble phrase. It only works though if we use the party to elect people who hold Big Tent conservatism, in all its facets, close to their hearts. That works better for ALL Americans, not just us.

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