"There Are Now Two Americas" - David Simon

Via the DrudgeReport and the Guardian, a speech that was given by David Simon.
The speech covered a lot of ground and brought out points that are troublesome to both liberals and conservatives. At the end of the speech, I was struck by three areas that were avoided: 1) Americans don’t appreciate that profit is necessary to continue producing products, goods and services, and they aren’t willing to examine whether there is a 1% margin on the goods and services or 100% margin, e.g. Apple, Exxon Mobil, Intel. (Apple has the higher profit margin and return on equity)  Profit is construed as greed by the large majority of Americans (and the rest of the world). At the very least, profit should be viewed as consumers’ valuation of a company’s product.
2) The current resident of the WH has raised class warfare to a new level, and talked about jobs and the creation of jobs while he clearly has no idea of how America’s economy works.  He expects it to fail unless the government manages every aspect of the economy. However, Americans have collectively forgotten how many jobs we’ve shipped overseas by the zealous regulation of manufacturing, workers and the workplaces. Yes, there is less smog than 30 years; yes, we generally have safer and cleaner workplaces…because the we the people and our dysfunctional government have essentially sent them overseas. Case in point: coal. The power companies have added scrubbers to reduce emissions, and now Obama and the EPA are doing their best to stop burning coal in the USA altogether … while China isn’t worrying that much about emissions. In other words, EPA, DOE and the rest of the agencies have just about smothered manufacturing with heaps of regulations.
3) Mr. Simon alluded to the dysfunctional state of our government. “Right now capital has effectively purchased the government, and you witnessed it again with the healthcare debacle in terms of the $450m that was heaved into Congress, the most broken part of my government, in order that the popular will never actually emerged in any of that legislative process.” Mr Simon goes on to comment about the hopelessness of a government that is unresponsive to the will of the people.   “So I don’t know what we do if we can’t actually control the representative government that we claim will manifest the popular will .”
Unless we can elect ‘representatives’ who can communicate these points and stop the endless posturing, our country is lost.