Why ACA must be repealed, not "fixed".

Obamacare is fundamentally flawed.  It was created by people who gave no thought to the efficiencies of free markets, who did not countenance wide debate on alternative ways to deliver health care to the poor, and who largely suckled the government teat for their own sustenance.  Trying to amend a bill which originated from such a narrow and deficient viewpoint would render making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear trivial.

Do those who argue for amending ACA accept the premise that dithering with insurance policies and premiums is the simplest, most efficient way to insure that those who need (and want) health care will get that care?  What would be the cost of simply setting up clinics for indigents and food stamp recipients, which operate as an adjunct to hospitals and prevent emergency rooms from being used as primary care facilities?  The point here is that there are many ways to provide health care to the poor and a lengthy and open debate on the merits of various approaches to providing that care is essential to developing and providing a reasonable solution.

For the Republicans to step in and try to fix an ‘obamination’ with a flawed basis invites the possibility of another few thousand pages of regulations which do not materially remove the Obama’s exceptions and violations of the law.   Tinkering with sections of the law would very likely lead to additional problems, which would then be the Republican’s problems and their tar baby.  Since the current law was apparently written to satisfy some lobby, the chances of changing the insurance policy basis are slim given the Democratic Congress and Obama’s yearning for power and the belief that the common man can’t really care for himself.  Unfortunately, the best thing that can be done for all of those who are now suffering and those who will suffer from ACA is for Conservatives to state the objectives of what a new bill should achieve, and acknowledge that the Democratic Senate will never pass such a bill, because it will in part depend on people choosing what they want rather than having big government trying to provide it.  People should also be reminded that Conservatives tried to prevent the current problems and are willing to join with the Democrats in repealing the ACA.