Going over the cliff...

We acknowledge that the huge number of people on the government dole are unlikely to vote for those candidates ranting about big government. Unfortunately, there are also relatives and acquaitances of those on the government dole who will vote against anyone who openly threatens the “family” income. This unfortunate circumstance has put conservatives in the position of hanging onto the edge of a precipice by their fingertips. You can hardly risk a big leap to get back on your feet, but must claw and scrape for inches until you get into a more favorable position.
I have grown to despise McConnell and very much would like to see one of the new leaders, e.g. Cruz, Christie, Jindal, in the Oval Office. However, I’ve come to believe that can’t happen because of concern for the aforementioned “family” income. The only workable scenario that I can envision is finding a candidate who is a demonstrated Conservative and who can articulate Conservative ideas without causing all liberals to run for the doors. I envision someone who can endlessly say “A rising tide lifts all boats”, “Hope and Change for the betterment of all people”, “The government is inefficient and we need to find ways to make it work better” … while thinking about how many of the Secretaries he/she is going to eliminate and how to undo all of the damage the current occupant of the White House has done to our country.
I’m struggling to avoid ranting about liberals and RINOs, so I’ll quit with this basic thought and ask others to please flesh it out. I also must confess that I’m concerned that the media will label anyone using the terms mentioned above or similar non-abrasive phrases as a fraud.