How many controllers does it take to land an airplane?

The media is in a frenzy in their reporting of commercial airplanes landing while the airport traffic controllers were asleep.  As is usually the case, they are only reporting the most sensational aspect of the story.

In every case of which I am aware, the controllers were asleep at airports which experience only a few landings per hour during the period when the sleeping occurred.   I have a private pilot’s license and like most private pilots, would feel entirely comfortable flying into any airport where there was fewer than one landing every five minutes, regardless of time of day without an operating airport tower .  I doubt that commercial pilots, i.e. a pilot and a copilot on a commercial flight, would really find that situation uncomfortable, despite their having to mingle with slower flying small planes.

The government, media and FAA are trumpeting that more controllers are needed (to keep each other awake?).  Not really.  Ask the airlines if they are willing to pay for that shift.

Your turn.