In what sense is the government in charge of plugging the BP well?

Or preventing market meltdowns?  Or undoing years of feel-good programs which are strategically wrong?

My point is that government lacks the insight to anticipate disaster, and the imagination or will to implement any but the most ambiguous of programs.   In the ’60s, the growing importation of foreign oil was the expected result of our economic growth.  Fifty years later, nothing effective has been done about it.  Instead of incrementing the tax on gasoline and getting rid of the monstrosity of IRS and its regulations, Congress mandated changes to cars and added untold pages to the tax code.  Are those really market driven ways to achieve results?  Have they worked?

Cut to the end: There are very few things which we should expect or allow the government to do.  Let’s get people elected who will cut out layers upon layers of waste and wrong-headed programs.