An American Knight passes into the Promised Land

A true American patriot and hero passed from this world a week ago. Colonel John Ripley, also known as the Hero of Dong Ha, died peacefully at his home in Annapolis on October 28, 2008. Colonel Ripley represented the very best that America has to offer, physically (he was a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, Airborne School, US Marine Corps recon school, and the Royal Marine Commandos school), mentally (a graduate of the United States Naval Academy), and spiritually (a faithful Catholic committed to the defense of the American family). Colonel Ripley was a hero both in war and peace. He passionately opposed the admission of homosexuals into the military and championed the idea that women should not be sent into combat zones. On both issues he testified before hostile audiences, first in Congress and then before one of President Clinton’s PC police Presidential Commissions. Colonel Ripley and the values that he stood for will be sorely missed.

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