On the anniversary of a vital Christian event

Today, August 15, is a very special date on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar: it is a holy day, the Feast of the Assumption. Today and this entire weekend is also special to the Eastern Orthodox Church; they will be celebrating the Dormition of the Theotokos (literally the falling asleep in God of Mary, the Mother of God). While the two churches view the event differently, they are both celebrating the same thing: the spiritual triumph of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and her ascension into heaven.

It occurred to me that this was the height of irony and a resounding rallying cry for all Christians. Facing the most dangerous, infant murdering, pro-abortion Democrat candidate in history in just over two months, Americans of all faiths face a very dark time. Those of us who call ourselves Christians should draw strength from the blessed anniversary of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. The greatest mother in all of history, the most blessed of women, is a source of inspiration to all, but should especially be a source of hope to all mothers-to-be.

I would call on all Christians who know of any woman considering abortion to remind her of Mary and the great test of her faith. As a teenage, unwed mother, she literally faced death once her pregnancy and unmarried status was revealed. She could have refused God’s command and begged Him to chose another. Instead, at the peril of her own life, she placed her faith in God and became his faithful handmaiden, the bearer of the Logos, the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. Suppose Mary had given in to fear and selfishness, abandoned faith and sought an abortion. The Christ would never have been born, spread the Word of God, suffered death, triumphed in victory over it, and man would still live under the curse of everlasting death rather than the promise of everlasting life.

I cannot stress enough that Christians of all denominations must spread the example of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and her perfect faith. On the anniversary of her ascension to heaven, I ask each of you to pray for the unborn and for those considering abortion that they may look to Mary for inspiration and strengthen their faith in God.

I also ask that each of you strengthen your resolve for the fight ahead. Should Senator Obama become President and his party (the party of the most wreckless, bloodthirsty abortion policy in American history) win even more seats in Congress, the American Holocaust will continue. 46 million have died already. We cannot allow this to continue. No matter your opinion of the Republican Party and John McCain, at least they are willing to fight against the daily murder of the unborn. Remember that when you are contemplating sitting home on election day to “send a message.”