It's time to crush Senator Obama

Senator McCain needs to come up with a “quip” for the next debate to counter every Senator Obama attempt to connect him to President Bush. Senator Obama is playing “hang man” and every statement he makes that Senator McCain is associated with President Bush is a stick in the hanging the man.

Perhaps this would work when Senator Obama spews garbage, “there you are again, playing connect the dots” (meaning Senator Obama is trying to convince Americans that Senator McCain is 4 more years of Bush.

Senator McCain needs to hammer Obama on his evasive answers to questions or giving an answer that does not fit the question asked in the debates.

How about this statement for Senator McCain to make to Senator Obama for Senator Obama’s statements of how he is winning votes by offering American’s cash back from increasing corporate taxes. “That’s Bugs Bunny Politics, dangling carrots to the American People that you have no idea will come to fruition.”