We should support the Honorable Mr. Etheridge

There is no question that everyone should gather around the
Honorable Mr. Etheridge.  He treated those 2nd class Republicans
with the force they deserved.  How dare they accost him on the sidewalk
with a camera and not identify themselves? They could have been a student
as claimed, or a veteran, or an employee, a patient, an employer, or a voter,
or even worse, one of His lowly constituents!  He must defend himself at all
cost against one of those uneducated types! Heaven forbid they were, daresay,
a member of those TeaParty groups!
The respectable Mr. Etheridge did the only thing possible in such an unconfined
area and grabbed the wrist and interrupted their so called “project”!  Why
should such a distinguished member of our ruling class have to answer the
question or walk away from them?? I dare say, he showed the true measure of
his educated mettle by roughing those well-dressed ruffians!
Kudos to Mr. Etheridge; Lets all support his ruling class against those
offensive minority Republicans!