"You guys make a pretty good photo op,"


My anger at this president has been steadily burning and I think it started with the first bow to the Saudi’s.  That was a match to this fire.  Commanders do not bow to equals.

Fuel was added when he discounted the tea party protests, both by his supposed ignorance and then his sexual innuendos.  The flames were being fanned.  Commanders do not insult their followers, even if they don’t agree with them.

The repeated disrespect demonstrated by this individual in the highest office towards our National Anthem and our Flag — the Flag which has been in numerous battles, which has seen much bloodshed for its protection — his continued disrespect continues to keep the flames of frustration and anger burning.

His inability to make a decision regarding the troop levels in Afghanistan, based on the information provided to him, at his request, by the military, simply kept those flames going.

The Ft. Hood massacre is another act of war.  That person’s inability to see the difference between an act of war and a criminal act does a great disservice to those of us who server.  And simply keeps those flames stoked.

Over the last five days, he’s turned the flames into a bonfire.  America does not bow. Commander-in-Chiefs do not bow.  Soldiers did not join the military to be props to an egomaniac’s photo-shoot.   Soldiers join to protect family, friends, and the Constitution — the foundation of America.

The actions, the lack of action, and his comments are not those of a commander, nor a leader.

I’m freaking infuriated.