disturbing observations and questions

At NC State there is, or was, a tunnel aptly named “The Free Expression Tunnel”. Thisspot was the one location on campus where graffiti was permitted. There are two similar,yet different, versions of some late-night graffiti: WRAL and the News and Observer

There isn’t any “borderline” threatening speech when directed towards a selected president. It either is, or is not threatening, and in which case, the Secret Service should be involved. And on the other hand, name calling and “negativity” has been occuring in that tunnel since its inception — and when encountered by someone who was “offended”, it was painted over by the persons who took offense.

I wonder how many times GWB has been called names, or threatened with violence, in that tunnel. How many “negative” comments were made towards him? I wonder about the demonstrations antiwar protesters hold, and their activities and their abilities of free speech compared to what will be permitted over the next 4 years. How are they going to define “hate speech” versus “political expression” ?