Obama regime meddles in British politics in EU referendum

America’s trade representative, a top Obama appointee, has intruded into British politics by claiming that the US had no intention of doing a separate trade deal with the UK if it left the EU

Obama is a lame duck president, and given the time frame under which the UK might possibly leave the EU, this would be on the next president’s watch, not Obama’s.  The Obama administration is attempting to speak for a successor that is not even chosen yet and to set policy for a future administration.  He is also trying to meddle in the internal politics of one of America’s oldest allies.

No future president would be bound in any way by the proclamations of Obama’s trade representative.  Given that the US has trade agreements with European countries which are not members of the EU, it would be bizarre if the US were to not do so with the UK if indeed it votes to leave the EU.

Prime Minister Cameron has promised an in / out referendum on the EU but a date has not yet been set.  That has not stopped multiple campaign committees being set up on both sides, and it is one of the hottest political issues in the UK.  After the influx of Muslim refugees into Europe, polls in the UK swung toward a UK exit, often referred to as a Brexit.