Proportional delegate allotment restored for NC presidential primary

Defying prior legislation by the NC General Assembly, the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Republican Party moved yesterday to restore proportional allotment of delegates in the state’s 2016 presidential primary, reestablishing the state’s traditional method of delegate allotment and rejecting the legislature’s move to a winner take all system.  After numerous committee members spoke on how the winner take all system was unfair to both voters and candidates, the motion to adopt a proportional system passed at yesterday’s state executive committee meeting on an overwhelming voice vote.

A compromise offer to use a winner take all allotment if the top candidate received over 40% of the vote was also overwhelmingly rejected.

With a conflict being created between state election law and party rules, the NC Republican Party’s legal team has been in communication with their counterparts at RNC and reported to the state executive committee that RNC would honor the state party rules over the state law.

North Carolina has used a proportional system to allot delegate since presidential primaries were first started in the state in 1972.

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