Ag Sec Vilsack on Colbert Report - Farm Subsidies

I don’t have cable but received a summary of Ag Sec (and former Iowa governor) Vilsack’s visit to The Colbert Report.

It shows the irony of farm subsidies rather well I think 🙂

When asked why we pay subsidies to farmers producing the food that makes our kids fat and sick, Vilsack pulled out the safety net argument. He said, “90% of farmers are barely making it” and so, presumably need things like direct payments that pay them for crops they are not even producing.

What he doesn’t say is that 90% of the subsidies go to the top 10-20% of producers – exactly those that ARE making it.

But when asked why the government feels its important to push healthy foods and the food pyramid, Vilsack says, “One-third of our youngsters are obese or at risk of being obese. it’s a national security problem. We don’t have enough young people for the volunteer army.”

So while our fat kids are a “national security problem” we have utterly no intention but to keep pouring money into the corporate welfare state that has become modern farming.

Talk about a lack of vision!