We as Americans know that there is precious time in our hands. In less than 1 month most of us will have to decide whom to vote for as President of the United States of America. I and probably many others have never been one to converse over who I will be voting for, I admit there are times that I have not voted. I do not feel that this is a wrong decision I have made in the past, I was just unsure of who was in the running to be our leader. This time, that is not the case. Please keep in mind that I do not work for either candidate and I do not get paid for any comments or work I have written. I am just an everyday American, wife and mother. With this in mind, I would like to share my story with you. When John McCain was brought into the spotlight as a candidate running for President, I did not know much about him, just the same I did not pay much attention to politics; I feel it can be overrated at times. Something told me I needed to pay attention to what this man has to say. I then started watching television more often and reading up on how both candidates were doing in their campaigns. I listened to every speech that Barack Obama expressed his views if he becomes President, and then did the same with John McCain. In all fairness to both candidates, they both seem like admirable men with a good cause. Though, John McCain’s life and loyalty to his country literally brought tears to my eyes, and I do not cry often. When someone puts their life in the hands of the present enemy to fight for their country, why would you not want them as the leader of your country? Every thought, reason, idea and goal for this country that John McCain has makes sense. The country was in excellent shape with Ronald Reagan in office and still would be if he was President. John McCain is the next Ronald Reagan. Hatred lies and deceit are not things we need in this country, who do you think feels the same? I know who. And one last thought, even if you have issues with the current President, why not give him a break? He has definitely worked hard for this country in his term and should be recognized for that, even if maybe some feel that mistakes were made. Remember that I do not have anything against either party as both democrats and republicans are extremely witty. I know, just the same as all the rest, we need to get this country back in order and live like we use to, without worry or fail. WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And I will be honored to vote for John McCain.