As Glass Ceilings Break, the Left Remains Silent

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Newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett just shattered a glass ceiling by becoming the first mother of school-aged children to hold a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet, once again, the leftist feminist movement is silent, in the midst of this moment in women’s progress. This is a historic win for women everywhere, and Amy Coney Barrett is a trail blazer for the women’s movement, proving that you can be a mother, wife, and driven in your career.

Amy Coney Barrett’s story differs from those who came before her, not only because she is a wife and mother of seven. Her educational background is a win for diversity on the Court, which the country has not experienced in a while.

Amy Coney Barrett received her Juris Doctorate after graduating summa cum lade from Notre Dame in 1997, making her the only sitting justice who did not graduate from a school named either Harvard or Yale.

Barrett’s experience includes serving as a law clerk to former Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School, and most recently as a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals.

There is no definition in the constitution that stipulates educational, professional, or other requirements necessary to be a Supreme Court Justice. Barrett has been harshly criticized by the left, because she breaks the mold of a typical justice. This is a turning point in American history, where women are rising up from bartenders to congresswomen. Yet, the left doesn’t question credentials like those of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY). The hypocritical response from the left is shameful.

And frankly, it is time Americans rise up and take note of the leftward, ideological lurch. Powerful, wealthy elitists have taken hold of this country for far too long. I think it is time we have more educators, mothers, and wives in leadership positions in this nation, and not just those who have a seat at the table through the gold ol’ boys club.

As Amy Coney Barrett underwent more than a month-long process during her confirmation hearings and sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she displayed her professionalism and poise. In one exchange, she was asked at one point by a senator on the committee to hold up the notes she was using during the hearing; as she held up a blank notepad, she showed that she was far more learned and versed on the nuances of constitutional law and exceedingly well-qualified for this position. The fact that she was able to respond to every question thrown at her with accuracy and all from memory proves she is an independent woman, and thinker.

At one-point Sen. Coons (D-DE) addressed Barrett in regard to her late work with the honorable Antonin Scalia, questioning her ability to think for herself, and her response is one that deserved a mic drop. “I hope you aren’t suggesting that I don’t have my own mind, or that I couldn’t think independently,” she responded, “I assure you; I have my own mind.”

Barrett proved herself during the questioning and it gave her an opportunity to exhibit her intelligence and integrity. This is the type of woman the modern American left should be celebrating: a strong and independent woman.

When asked what advice she would give young women, her thoughtful response is one that should be fundamental to any women’s movement: “Be confident, make deliberate decisions, know what you want, and go get it.”  Regardless of political ideology, this perspective and the thoughtfulness and intelligence Amy Coney Barrett has brought to the court is of the highest and most respected level.

Christina Herrin ([email protected]) is the government relations manager of Health Policy at The Heartland Institute, a non-partisan, free-market think tank headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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