Beware of Donald Trump: He's no conservative!

I am very distressed by Allen West’s giving even the slightest bit of consideration to Donald Trump as a serious candidate, much less a serious Republican candidate. West recently said that he’d consider being Donald Trump’s running mate if it were offered, and Trump and West shared the stage at a South Florida Tax Day Tea Party rally. This is both puzzling and disturbing.

The Conservative Diva sums up my own feelings about Trump pretty well:

[Editor’s Note: Go to the Conservative Diva for her thoughts. I’ve removed the blockquote that was her entire post. — Erick]

I would only add to Conservative Diva’s comments my own fears that Trump is doing and is likely to do three things:

1. Expose Republicans to ridicule by pounding away on the birth certificate issue.
2. Distract attention from serious, legitimate Republican candidates; and maybe fracture the party.
3. Lose the GOP nomination, run as an Independent, and draw away enough GOP votes to hand the election to Obama. (Which may be the real agenda all along.)

Maybe Allen West knows something we don’t know — but at this point in time, it looks to me like poor judgment on West’s part. I’ve been beating the “West for President” drum since last November, but I’m having doubts about that now. After all, the number one quality a chief executive needs — other than the obvious ones such as integrity, intelligence and a good work ethic — is the ability to pick good people. No executive can do his or her job without advisers and department heads, so good judgment of character is absolutely crucial.

Rather than President, I’m leaning toward West as VP, Secretary of Defense or National Security Adviser. I think he’d be magnificent in any of these positions — for someone other than Trump!