Our Dear Leader Hath Spake..........

Well, the cat’s finally out of the bag. What we have all suspected about “Our Dear Leader” was on display for all to see, last night. …………………….. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America!!
To start with: Does any democrat own a watch? Why are they always late for everything? Bush was NEVER late!
I kept track of a couple of words and how many times they were said. The word “Crisis” was only used 5 times, while the word “recession” was used 6 times. This is a vast departure from just a few days ago when he was trying to get the Porkulus bill passed and used the word crisis 25 times.
There will be massive spending on useless energy projects tied to mythical “Global Warming”. Wind, solar, electric, etc., but nothing about using our in house oil resources (drilling off shore and ANWR). This tells me they’re not at all serious about losing our dependence on foreign oil. They just want to tax the heck out of us. Wouldn’t it make sense to use our own oil resources to wean us off Saudi oil? We could pay for the stimulus bill if we didn’t have to give that money to the terrorists – Not that we’d want to, mind you, but we could………
He announced Universal Healthcare, even though it’s already in the stimulus bill. Soon, the government will be telling you and your doctor whether you’re worth saving or not. If you’re over 55, I wouldn’t be making any bets, if I were you. Ahhh, life or death decided by another government employee. Is this a great country or what?
He also announced a massive socialized education program to provide a free education from K through college. The good news is,  with the high school dropout rate around 50%, the cost shouldn’t be so high………… Youbetcha……….
Now, to the part where he’s going to get the money to pay for this:
He said his staff has already found over $2 Trillion dollars in savings by doing away with programs that don’t work. What he’s NOT saying is, the majority of this money will come from the military! He will do exactly what Clinton did and make massive cuts in weapons system and training programs. Exactly the stuff our troops need to be able to defend this country!! Apparently, farm subsidies are going to take a hit along with an increase in the corporate tax rate……… Yep, wonder boy, that’ll create lots o’ jobs………..
He’s going to snatch defeat from victory, in Iraq, by pulling out the troops before the country is completely stable, thereby opening the door to Iran and chaos. But, he’s going to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. He’s also going to do away with the contractors we’ve been using in Iraq! News Flash, donkey boy, Those people were used to free up our troops for the fighting!! Without them, where are you?
Oh, and on the heels of all this massive spending, comes the Appropriations bill. Another $400 + Billion dollars in spending that includes over 9,000 earmarks!! Now, what exactly was it he said about doing away with earmarks?? What a bunch of damnable liars!!
I can’t end this without talking about Komerade Pelosi and her giddy, school girl performance, last night. This woman must have had sixty orgasms on national TV!! The drycleaners will never get all the stain out of her dress!! She even jumped up and gayly applauded when Our Dear Leader announced he was sending more troops to Afghanistan!!! I truly believe Obama could have announced a new program to study the life cycle of camel fleas and she would have had another orgasm! He opened his mouth to speak and she shuddered! I haven’t seen a performance like that since the Beatles first came to America……
He did have a couple of pretty good gaffs during his, so well prepared, speach:
1. America did not invent the automobile! Karl Benz, of Germany, did.
2. The transcontinental railroad was started during the Civil War, but not much progress was made until the war ended. It was not completed until 1869 – Not quite how it was presented last night. Picky, I know, but he’s Mr. Truth and Transparency…………. And the biggest one of all………….
3. Ninety five percent of Americans will get a “tax cut”……….. Not at all true! Cutting taxes means reducing the tax burden – NOT – Giving a rebate check – That’s welfare!