Public Education or Daycare by the most unqualified

Allow me to relate a conversation, mostly highlights, that I had with a sister-in-law last night. It started out about taxes, but quickly turned to her 14 year old daughter. N. was griping about her daughter’s grades, so I asked if N. had read any of the textbooks? She said she had talked to the teachers about that and this is what they told her: “We take a little from this book, more from this other book and some from this book, so we really don’t use just one book.” N. said, that’s fine, but I don’t ever see the books, so how am I supposed to help her? Their answer? “Well, that’s how we do it.” HUH? Her daughter has low grades and is failing two subjects with an F! When this was explained to the teachers, they were stunned! No one in the system was tracking her grades! How can that be? Exactly what is it we’re paying these people to do for our children?

Her daughter has gone “Goth” and wants to have her teeth sharpened (“Vampire Teeth”) her hair “coon tailed” (multi-colored pony tail) and facial piercings! The girl is 14, for God sakes!! She, the daughter,  said she has done research on the internet and found out she has all the symptoms of being schitszofrenic (sp)! Great! Now, we have 14 yr. olds self-diagnosing. What the hell has happened to our society that makes this palatable to our kids? Now, I know all the doctors and psychologists will say the she’s just finding herself. My question is, How can you find yourself if you’re already lost?

More importantly, what is going on in these schools that remotely tolerates this? There is an obvious lack of discipline, accountability and responsibility. When you remove these things, anarchy follows. The state has taken over raising our children and they’re doing a damn poor job of it. They constantly scream for more and more money and the majority of those funds go to their bloated, union-driven, administrations with little left for the original purpose. When are we going to say, “Enough!!”