Some new Acronyms and other stuff


ACORN – American Criminal Organization for Registering the Non-qualified

OBAMA – Out-foxed By A Messianic A$$

STIMULUS – Screwing The Ignorant Masses Under the Leadership of Unfettered Socialism

WELFARE – We Exile Legitimate Fathers And Reallocate Expenses

HUD – Housing for Urban Deadbeats

democrat VOTER – Victims Oblivious To Everyday Reality

TSA – Terrorizing Senior Air-travellers

ACLU – American Communist Lawyers Union

GITMO – Government Incarceration of Terrorists Management Organization

CAIR – Covering the A$$es of Islamic Radicals

Other Stuff:

Can anyone out there verify the report that Obama signed a Presidential Order on Jan. 27th, with an expenditure of $20.5 million, allowing thousands of Palistinians to come to this country as refugees and conflict victims in Gaza? It’s supposedly in the Federal Register.